Flexray connection on Jetson AGX Xavier

Does NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier supports the Flexray? If yes, then are there any documents regarding Flexray communications on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier?

Thanks in advance.

I think it would be a question of whether the 4.x series of Linux kernels support Flexray. If you can find a driver for this current kernel series, then likely you can use this. I briefly looked around on the internet though, and only found indications of some experimentation in very old 2.x series. If you know someone who makes hardware for this, then it is quite possible they also provide a driver.

Thanx for your reply…
Is it possible to configure the CAN port hard pins into flexray?
or is there any available port for Flexray connection on NVIDIA Jetson AGX??

I cannot say, I do not know enough about flexray.