Flickering console after installing nvidia driver in gentoo

hi, i have a problem with installing nvidia drivers, please someone helps me, i am new to installing nvidia drivers, i am a linux user, i use gentoo. i installed nvidia drivers from the official gentoo repositories, the proprietary one. the version was 420, i was getting an output that the driver is not compatible with my hardware every time the driver is reinstalled or rebuilt for another package that depends on it, somehow i found in the output that i need to mask the drivers that are above 391, so i did, then i reinstalled the driver which has become 390, i reinstalled the programs that depend on nvidia driver following the instruction of gentoo official wiki for nvidia drivers. when i rebooted my computer i can no longer get any gui nor run startx. i have another kernel which is not submitting most of my new configurations, i tried to log to it but the only thing that i can log in to is anything that runs wayland not xorg. my nvidia gpu is nvidia quadro 1000m