Flickering screen on RDS connection to Windows Server 2019 with VGPU 9.0 driver

Has anyone seen an issue with flickering after upgrading to Windows Server 2019 and/or VGPU 9.0? Trying to find out what specifically has led to this. Do not see this at all with the combination of Windows Server 2016 and VGPU 8.0. One of our departments did a big upgrade and now our users are experiencing this. The GPU in use is a T4 on a standalone physical server.

It’s affecting everything on the screen when connecting to an RDS session to Windows 2019 with driver version 431.02 on the server. All graphics appear to be affected. Does anyone else see these symptoms?

This seems to be possibly related to the image itself. We are investigating further, as we have some configurations that do not show these symptoms.

It looks like the issue was with a defective Windows image. It was rebuilt from scratch and the problem went away. Case closed.