Flickering with 1080 Ti and 460.32.03 driver

After upgrading to the 460.32.03 driver (Arch Linux, 5.10.5 kernel, KDE Plasma), I’ve started to experience flickering under normal desktop usage with my 1080 Ti. It occurs quite often (once every minute or so) and is mostly located at the bottom of the screen (though sometimes also fullscreen). I’m using an LG 27GN850-B monitor connected via DisplayPort 1.4 at 2560x1440/144Hz (in case that’s not obvious in the bug report).

I can confirm that downgrading to the previous stable driver (455.55.01) fixes the problem. The bug report was created after installing the driver via DKMS (Arch Linux - nvidia-dkms 515.65.01-2 (x86_64)), but it’s the same with the regular version compiled against the 5.10.5 kernel (Arch Linux - nvidia 515.65.01-13 (x86_64)).

Also, I am not sure if this could be related at all (as I don’t know if and how much code the Linux and Windows drivers share), but this issue appears very similar to the one introduced with the 460.79 Windows driver ([GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]: The desktop screen may flicker. [3200599]). That one was specific to the 1080 Ti and has apparently been fixed in the latest Windows driver (461.09). I did experience flickering too when using 460.79 under Windows, downgrading to 456.71 fixed it.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (333.8 KB)

The same is happening on Ubuntu 20.10 with 460.32.03 from Graphics Drivers in Launchpad.

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Possibly related: Fedora 33 with latest kernel & nvidia versions flickering badly

This user also had flickering with an RTX 2060 and driver 460.32.03. Downgrading to 450.102.04 seems to have fixed it for him.

Another user reporting flickering with driver 460.32.03 and a 2080 Super Max-Q here: Fedora 33 with latest kernel & nvidia versions flickering badly - #5 by dcrdev

I’m seeing the same thing in OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 with a 1060.

This needs looking at - been through 3 driver revisions now with this problem.

I can’t work on my laptop with this issue, I’ve noticed a couple of things:

  • It doesn’t flicker at all when an external display is connected, nor does it freeze.
  • When on battery x freezes/stalls after a while of flickering (no external display connected)
  • When on ac power I get the flickering but not freeze (no external display connected)

I’m the guy with the 2080 Super Max-Q from above