Flir Lepton with Jetson Nano


I’m currently developing a product that requires integrating the Flir Lepton with the Jeston Nano. I’m using the Breakout Board V2 and I’m trying to adapt the demo code for the raspberry pi found at

So far I’ve loaded the Jetpack SDK, built and flashed an spi enabled kernel, and enabled spi and i2c in the device tree. After this setup I built and manually loaded the lepton module and was able to get the i2c control register demo for the lepton working. However, I am having trouble porting the device tree overlay from the demo and cannot get the V4L2 character device “/dev/video0” to show up on the Nano. Has anyone had any success getting this working?

Additionally, the device tree overlay mostly concerns setting up an interrupt for the vsync line on the breakout board. Does anyone with lepton experience know if this line is strictly necessary?

Have a check if the sensor programming guide can help for porting sensor driver to Nano.


I was able to get the camera images without using the vsync on the Jetson Nano with the Breakout Board V2 by following this tutorial:

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Glad to have been helpful for your project :)

Do not hesitate to open an issue on Github if you need further help