float1 to float conversion

Hello Im using Geforece9800GT on Windows platform. I was trying to use float1 type so that I can align my code. However, Im stuck with this part.
So the following code gives me an error saying.

"error: no suitable conversion function from “float1” to “float” exists.


global void kernel( float1 *b, int1 *c, float1 *sum_spectrum, float1 resamp, float k_resampledspacing, uchar4 ptr ){
int x = blockIdx.x
XDIM/2 + threadIdx.x;
int1 i, offset;
float1 data[2
float1 phase, temp, datatemp;

phase.x = D1*(y-YDIM/2)(y-YDIM/2);
y].x = datatemp.x * __cosf(phase); // this line
data[2*y+1].x = datatemp.x * __sinf(phase); // this line


Im not sure why the code (this line) should give me that error. Can somebody find the reason? Thank you for helping me.

You want to make that [font=“Courier New”]__cosf(phase.x)[/font] and [font=“Courier New”]__sinf(phase.x)[/font] (or better yet, use [font=“Courier New”]__sincosf()[/font]). I don’t quite get what advantage you expect from using float1 though.