Floating exception (core dumped)

Hello everyone:

When I run my case, after the computation is over and it wants to write the output data into a file, something strength happens for very small numbers. For example when the number is 0.8363323E-211, what is written into the file is 0.8363323-211, no matter if you use free format or formatted write commend. It only happens when you have three digits after E. I wonder if you could let me know how I can fix the problem.


Hi Ramin,

The E edit descriptor by default prints 4 characters in the exponent field. When the exponent reaches 100, the ‘E’ must be removed to make room for the extra digit. To have the ‘E’ printed, you need to use the second form of the E descriptor, ‘Ew.dEe’ where you specify the number of exponent digits to print.
For example, using ‘e15.7e3’ will allow enough room for the ‘E’ to print.

Hope this helps,