Flow NanoVDB

Any ETA on better VDB support? I didn’t see anything on the roadmap for it but was told it’s coming in the future.

I asked about OpenVDB before and have been playing around with the NanoVDB Emitter and settings, attempting to get a VDB file to show up ( A single frame VDB as well as an animated VDB ) and can’t seem to get either to work. Should I give up and wait for more updates? or am I not setting it up properly?

If it helps, the vdb files I used were made in Embergen, and I made one in blender and I still couldn’t get it to work. Omniverse is in beta so I’m not expecting anything crazy when it comes to shading the volumes or anything right now until more updates come. I’m just curious if VDB’s work at all right now.

Thanks :)

Hello 3DKs,
Thank you for the post, I will bring your inquiry to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @3DKs, We will be working on OVDB/NVDB support. It looks like the developers are in the discussion and planning phase and I don’t see support expected anywhere on our near future roadmap.

Here is a link to our Public Roadmap: Trello You can take a peek on here to see if VDB support is in the works.

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VDB Support is in progress and is currently supported in the current release under Flow. However its not exactly easy to use yet. We are working on this and plan to make it easy in the upcoming releases.

@pkind can you supply a quick video on how to load one with flow?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be looking forward to the updates when they come. Also, a quick video would be greatly appreciated for my own sanity just so I can see if I’ve been doing it correctly or not. haha

Hello 3DKs,

I just uploaded a NanoVDB Tutorial you can review in the documentation. It is a silent video, but it shows the required steps to get it working.


Lemme know if anything is unclear after reviewing. We will provide a more comprehensive tutorial on the subject as the feature matures.


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Thanks so much for the video. I just tested it and I can get it to show up now even though it’s not acting as I would expect it to but I’m sure once it gets updated a bit it will work great. I look forward to playing around with it some more. Thanks again for taking the time to make that video for me.

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