Fluid cohesion

I implemented particles into my program and I’m quite impressed with the performance. However, I haven’t really noticed any difference between normal particles and fluid particles so far. What I’m trying to do is a cohesive particle fluid for zero-gravity, like spilled water in space. But my particles just drift away from each other. Do I have to apply forces manually to pull them back towards the center or to each other?

Fluid behavior is highly dependent on how they are configured…what parameters have you modified and observe to see how the fluid particles are affected ?

I played around with viscosity, stiffness and restDistance, and used values between 0 to 1000 and more. The only difference I could tell was that with some configurations, particles placed very closely to each other, would expand away from the center very rapidly (big bang). I have not seen any sort of gravity-like cohesion effects.

So… is there fluid cohesion at all? or is the whole fluid system just about particles keeping their distance?