Fluid Simulation doesn't work - physx.plugin

I’m trying to do a simple fluid simulation, and when I start the simulation, the warning code prints in the console

“2023-11-23 13:29:30 [Warning] [omni.physx.plugin] Scene reference from prim /World/ParticleSystem could not be found. Using the default physics scene.”

Which reference is this? I’m followed the tutorial on youtube " Omniverse Physics Extension - Kit104 - Part 20: Particle Deformables - Liquids"

The cube doesn’t return to its standard shape, even stopping the simulation when starting again it returns at the same point, the cube returns to its shape if I change its origin, but that doesn’t make sense, I already created this type of simulation previously and I didn’t have any problems, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

@andreia.borges not sure what the desirable outcome you are looking for? first, regarding the warning message - the tutorial also displays this warning after clicking on play/simulate; so i don’t think it’s something you need to worry about.

and regarding the cube not returning to standard shape, do you mind elaborating that a bit? are you looking to turn it back into a mesh as opposed to particles?

Hi @andreia.borges ,
Yes, the warning shouldn’t be indicative of any issues. We shouldn’t really print warnings for default behaviors. Will fix. You can get rid of the warning by creating a physics scene and assigning it to the particle system object in the properties.
Regarding the reset issue. Could you provide a repro stage and some more description what goes wrong?