Fluid Simulation. Flex and Multiplaform

Hello everybody,

We are a studio working on multiplatform titles. Our next game will be released for next generation, so we have a few questions.
Now a days, we have already ported the old plugin for Flex on UnrealEngine 4.15, to the current UE4.25 version. We are prototyping some features for our game, and we love the feeling we are getting with this technology (the performance is awesome too). So in order to continue working project, we would like know what are your thoughts or your roadmap for this technology.

In case of not planning to continue working with Flex, we would like to know if some fluid simulation multiplatform system will be added to the new Physx5.0.

I’ll appreciate If anybody can let me know another fluid simulation multiplatform better or at least similar than Flex, it would be awesome too.

Thanks for your time,

Juan M.Montoya,