'Focus Here' Mouse Click Option Doesn't work

Want to inform you the ‘Focus here’ option when right clicking the mouse does not work. Comes up with an error message saying ‘Failed to Execute Command:ChangePropertyCommand’.

Hello @Wintoons! Can you let me know what version of Machinima you are using? I tried using the “Focus Here” option on my PC on version 2022.3.0 Beta, but I did not see an error message. However, clicking on it did not do anything so I am going to send this over to the dev team to look into. If you have any logs or a screenshot of the error, if you could attach it here, I will add it to the bug!

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A development ticket was created from this post. OM-80280: ‘Focus Here’ Mouse Click Option Doesn’t work

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HI Wendy, Just to let you know it’s working now. Did the guys fix it? If they did, thanks anyway :))
Thanks for your help, Wendy!! :)