Folder Structure Best Practices

Are there any best practices or recommendations when structuring projects and assets in Nucleus?


@und_miller if you have a local nucleus server installed already, there are a few USD example content you can check out; alternatively, you can take a look at the doc to see how they organized their files.

USD Example Datasets — Omniverse USD latest documentation (

as another user, i would say there isn’t one silver bullet because every pipeline is different and it varies from industry to industry; and it may also be determined based on how many hands will touch the assets, from working solo to large teams with many specialists. one of the ways to learn which structure works for you is to have a better understanding of the OpenUSD (composition arcs, variants, layers, etc) and how they fit into your workflow.

i personally implore you to check out the example contents because it’s pretty well documented and explained (in my opinion, anyway). they are relatable for me because it’s based on more or less real production setting and not just small demos that are self contained. and if that’s not enough, you can take a look at and open the actual files in your localhost server. i’ll let the mods/devs chime in for additional insight.

Good question, but not really. As long as your work is in Nucleus it will work well. However I would strongly recommend you back up the Nucleus data manually, since the free version does not include a backup system. I personally do not recommend using Nucleus, if you are a single local workstation user, that does not require LIVE workflow. I would just use your oridinary Windows File system and a good file backup system. It’s power comes from large Enterprise groups in the cloud. If that is not required, I would just skip it.

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