Follow up to "How to enable Testing Jetson Nano RTC Battery health"

Continuing the discussion from How to enable Testing Jetson Nano RTC Battery health:

We did follow all the instructions in this thread but still, all we get is the output we already know.
After checking the code we found the batt_status is only produced in those files

  • kernel-source/drivers/rtc/rtc-cmos.c
  • kernel-source/drivers/char/rtc.c

but the output we’re getting at the moment comes from this file

  • kernel-source/drivers/rtc/rtc-proc.c

What are we doing wrong?

The backup-battery should be the …/drivers/mfd/max77620.c
Print message to confirm it.


This is what we received at the moment including all changes from the previous thread

root@jetson-nano:/sys/firmware/devicetree/base# cat /proc/driver/rtc
rtc_time	: 11:41:01
rtc_date	: 2023-10-11
alrm_time	: 00:00:00
alrm_date	: 2000-01-01
alarm_IRQ	: no
alrm_pending	: no
update IRQ enabled	: no
periodic IRQ enabled	: no
periodic IRQ frequency	: 1
max user IRQ frequency	: 64
24hr		: yes

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