For Audio processing, how many simultaneous channels can I2S transmit? Just stereo?

Or would 32 audio channels be possible?

What is the max number of channels and what codec chips would be recommended for processing a large number of audio streams?

And at what maximum bit rate and sampling frequency?

I’m not near my documents right now, but I believe i2s is a serial protocol only which does not itself limit audio channels (think analogous to TCP/IP networking…this is insensitive to the protocol being transported). I’m not positive, but I believe it is an Intel highdef audio CODEC associated with that serial interface. Intel HD audio requires a minimum of 2-channel capability, but tops off at a maximum of almost 100 channels (not positive, maybe 96)…in the case of the JTX1 CODEC associated with the i2s I think it probably supports 8 channels (e.g., 7.1 surround sound). Limitations would apply to your question about maximum bit rate, which I do not know the limit of on the JTX1.