"for use in NVIDIA developer kit only" sticker

The TX2 module on my has a “for use in NVIDIA developer kit only” sticker. Is there a technical limitation or difference that prevents these modules from being used with other carrier boards?

Hi Zack, the reason for the sticker is two-fold, for electrical safety to help make sure the module isn’t removed and re-inserted while attached to standby power mains, and to point out that the devkit module shouldn’t be used in place of production module. There isn’t a technical difference or limitation to prevent you from doing it. With a Torx security bit set from Amazon or Home Depot, ect. the screws are removable.

Please make sure to remove AC power from the devkit before attempting to unseat the module, electrical damage can occur even while the module is powered off and standby power is still applied to the devkit. The devkit should have no LEDs lit at the time.

Thanks for the quick response and the info!

So what’s the difference between a devkit module and production module?

Unless you have a very early revision devkit from before the module was in production, nothing from a hardware standpoint. The only difference is that the production modules come without L4T software pre-loaded.

Also it may be worth noting that the production modules come with the TTP (thermal transfer plate), while the devkit ships with the active cooler and fan in addition to the module’s TTP. Technically the cooler and fan are part of the devkit assembly, not the module.

Just a note - “No LED should be on” is not the case with early (TX1 era) carrier boards which did not feature a LED for standby power. Since TX2 came out, the new carrier board with the extra LED is supplied to TX1s as well.