forceware 175.16 and cuda2

I installed the new FW 175.16 drivers for x64 but CUDA 2.0 beta examples stopped to work. Does this driver support CUDA 2 or do I need to rollback to the 174.55 beta ones?


Vista for CUDA requires the beta driver until it gets picked up in the standard driver distribution going forward when CUDA 2.0 becomes fully released. We’ll certainly post a note when that happens.

I will rollback to the 174.55 beta then!


btw, any idea when the final CUDA 2 will be available, pls? It’s just to take a decision about releasing a program now or wait a few.


ok. but I have warning! this driver has problems opengl for games or apps except opengl on cuda.

So, to clarify, which driver should we be using as of today, May 16, 2008?

I’m running Vista/64 with 175.16 beta. I wrote a simple program to perform device enumeration and it only gives me back the emulation device.

174.55 :

As David said, CUDA 2.0 will not be in the “mainline” drivers until it is out of beta. If there are any updated CUDA 2.0 beta drivers, they will most certainly be posted in the Announcements forum:

174.55 is not listed on the archive page by my view. Do you mean 174.74 beta? This is all that’s available in the 174.* line for Windows Vista64.

I can get 174.55 from your link, but it seems sketchy that, as the last driver to work with Vista64, it’s been removed from the archived drivers page!

No they mean what they say. If you can get the driver, why bothering looking at an archived drivers page?

I guess because there’s a 174 beta driver that’s newer, that’s offered by NVidia’s standard web interface for downloading drivers, and because the forum link download has a non-standard filename that suggests a different author than all the others.

Other than that, I’ll try anything as long as it works.

try the ones from the CUDA forum link, those will work for CUDA ;)

They sure do!

My working system is now as follows:

Vista 64 Business / driver 174.55 url=“”[/url] 64-bit / CUDA SDK 2.0b 64-bit, CUDA Toolkit 2.0b 64-bit.

Install the driver first, then toolkit, then SDK. If you’ve already tried several drivers and not had success, make sure that you uninstall your current driver before trying the link above. This entails the usual add/remove program function in the control panel AND clicking “remove driver” in the driver panel of the video adapter settings form.

To build the examples, you’ll have to change the project settings (it’s a pain, I know) to point to both the SDK and Toolkit include directories for both the compiler and the linker.

To run the examples, you’ll have to copy cudart.dll and cutil64d.dll to the working directory where you run the files. For me, this is the project directory of any given example.

Best of luck to new CUDA developers!