Forcing YUV420 ColorMode

Hi all

I run two 4k@60hz Screens on my 1080 Card, a Philips 40 inch Screen and a Samsung 40 inch TV. The Samsung TV is actually over 20m cable. In order to get an image on my HDMI TV, i had to reduce the ColorSpace from FullRGB to Yuv420.

The Nvidia-Settings although have a property, where the ColorSpace can be set, but it only offers FullRGB or Yuv422.

I then found out, that there is an option in nvidia-xconfig:

nvidia-xconfig --force-yuv-420

This actually alters the xorg.conf file and adds ForceYUV420=TRUE and forces the ColorSpace to the desired value.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no official documentation on ForceYUV420 available, and I don’t know if this is an experimental feature, that could be removed one day?

Does anybody has more information about this option?


Please go through :

Option “ModeValidation” “string”
Option “ColorSpace” “string”
Option “ColorRange” “string”

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