Forgetting audio output presets (4/4)

when in settings i change the audio output to the HDMImonitor it will not keep the preset.
So everytime after startup i have to change it.
i did look into pacmd, but it dazzles me, i don´t know what to command and will it sustain between startups ?

Still this an important issue
imho D.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

definitively, it is still important

Please try the below command to make the hdmi as default sound device across boot.

pactl list short sinks → Choose hdmi sound device from the list of output devices
sudo vim /etc/pulse/ → open the pulse audio config file
set-default-sink “HDMI device name” → Add this command at end of the above file

After above step you will be able to see default device as HDMI always.

1 alsa_output.platform-3510000.hda.hdmi-stereo module-alsa-card.c s16le 2ch 44100Hz

Now what is the name ? i tried “alsa_output.platform-3510000.hda.hdmi-stereo” but that did not work.

The name used is correct. These commands are standard Pulseaudio settings for default card. Let me cross check and get back to you.

The default audio device in pulseaudio config or in startup application is not helping. It works only when we explicitly run command ‘pactl set-default-sink devicename’ after bootup.

As this issue is related to ubuntu pulseaudio userspace application, not much we can do here.

This sounds like all civil servants say “this is not my problem”, but it is . . . because on the Jetson Nano it functions correctly. The error is thus inside the Nvidia realm.

Hi DO_Ray,
We will try our best to provide a solution to this issue. Can we know which Jetpack release and ubuntu version used on your side.

Hi DO_Ray,
Sorry for the delay here. Please try out the below steps on your side.

sudo vim /etc/pulse/ → open the pulse audio config file
set-default-sink 0 → 0 is HDMI sound device id, add this command at end of the above file

Open the “Startup Applications” (Should be preinstalled on Ubuntu)
Click on “Add”
Add name box with “restart pulseaudio”
Add “pulseaudio -k” in command box
Click on “Save”.

The above sequence works on my side. Please try and let us know if this helps.

it works.

alotta cheers

Thanks for the confirmation.

Good luck!

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