Format specification for .raw

Does anyone have some file format spec for the .raw files used in the marchingCubes (and other) examples? It seems that there is a plethora of .raw formats and I haven’t been able to reverse engineer the code. If it is something that someone has already figured out I prefer not to waste a lot more time on this. Thanks.

You may take a look at UFRAW that is an open-source raw stand-alone application (and GIMP Plug-in), or in another hand support Adobe DNG format (that is normalized and documented on Adobe Website)

It’s just a raw stream of unsigned bytes in [z][y] order. The size of the volume is specified in the code. We could have used something more sophisticated, but we try and keep the SDK samples simple!

Thanks, Simon. That helps. BTW thanks for the great example codes in the SDK. I have used your particles algorithm to put my SPH code (SPHear) on the GPU.