Forms application not launching

I’m trying to launch a windows forms application, which is run as a command line tool, using nsight compute.
For the startup I select the Quicklaunch option, choose the .exe file and click launch. The command window pops up and the output of nsight compute says it’s trying to connect, but nothing else happens. The main form won’t show.
I’m running windows 10 with a GTX 2080 Ti on an up to date windows 10. Hope you can help.

Hi Nils,

there are no known issues related to Windows Forms applications.

In general, Nsight Compute only profiles applications that actually use CUDA. When using the Interactive Profile activity, the expectation is that it pauses the application at the first CUDA API call for you to then interactively step the API and kernel launches. If the app would never call CUDA (and terminates by itself), it would simply run through. If the app requires user interaction to terminate, I would expect it to stay open until you manually close it.

When using the (non-interactive) Profile activity, the behavior is similar but there is no interactive control over the application.

Could you try the following steps to narrow down the issue:

  • verify that the app, launched from the same working directory and with the same arguments as specified in the Connection dialog, works fine without the profiler
  • check if the app can be profiled using the command line version of Nsight Compute, nv-nsight-cu-cli
  • if your application launches child processes, please use the --target-processes all options on the command line, or Target Processes: All in the Connection dialog.

From my working directory I call


it starts up, prints “initialized” and runs as usual.
When I run

nv-nsight-cu-cli.bat --target-processes all ./program.exe

the program is launched, but never reaches the “initilized” print, which happens on the creation of the Window. Also no connection can be found in nsight compute.

Apologies for not replying to this earlier. Is the issue resolved for you by now, or are you still seeing problems? Did you have a chance to try with the latest version of Nsight Compute (2019.5 from CUDA 10.2)? Can you check if changing the port range used for frontend/backend communication has any effect? Thanks.