Fortran write statement issue

I just upgraded the PGI compilers for the Mac to 15.4 and now I have issues compiling any fixed format Fortran write statements that span multiple lines and have a # in the string.

For instance,
WRITE(*,’(/,2X,’‘Warning - blah blah ‘’,
& ‘‘found use blah# syntax’’,/)’)

issues a compiler error of:
PGF90-S-0023-Syntax error - unbalanced parentheses

WRITE(*,’(/,2X,’‘Warning - blah blah ‘’,
& ‘‘found use blah syntax’’,/)’)

will compile without error. All other compilers don’t have an issue with this (Cray, IBM, Intel, GCC) and the old PGI 15.1 compilers I upgraded from were fine. For some lines like this I can get it to compile if I add an & on the first line at column 73 but it doesn’t always work. Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?