Fortran90 textfile compiler

I have been using PG fortran90 in Unix for some days. Lately when I am running a program I get the following error message

PGFIO-F-225/list-directed read/unit=10/lexical error-- unknown token type.
File name = /TB/88102/88102_2020083112.txt formatted, sequential access record = 6
In source file test4.f90, at line number 27

I spent many days printing out the problem. I need help from the forum

So I want to ask you a question this time.
First of all, I made up the code recklessly, but there are many useless parts.

I’d like to do a fortran90 compiler of the file

The structure of this text file…
There are 12 columns and 6,812 rows.

I want to make it the simplest in this language.

Please tell me the code that you print out.