Forum Download Issues

I’ve been having trouble downloading anything from the forum recently. Has anyone else seen that? Tried different computers, different networks, and different browsers. I’ll click a download link and it’ll give me the Nvidia warning and then just direct me to a blank page that doesn’t initiate the actual download. Going to attach something to this post to test…
Test.txt (50 Bytes)

This particular Test.txt shows as an empty page to me. Should it have content? Probably, as I can neither see a file download nor view content in an editor.

Right that’s what I’m seeing too, with everything. It used to be you clicked the link, get the warning, and then it would download the file. Downloads seem to have stopped triggering.

Tried txt files, a jpg I found in a post, and a .tar.gz that was linked by one of the mods. Nothing will download.

We are aware of an intermittent issue impacting downloading of attachments on one or more of the web nodes, and we are actively investigating. As of the time of this posting, it appears all downloading is working as expected. However, it is possible that attachment downloading may continue to intermittently fail until we are able to implement a permanent fix.

Great, thanks for the response. I’ll keep trying!

I should clarify - at the time you posted, there was a problem impacting the attachment download. We then implemented a temporary fix to bring the download service back up on the impacted nodes, and I was able to confirm that this specific attachment was then able to be downloaded.

Yeah I was able to download the library from the other thread I needed too. Thanks for that!