Forum very slow when logged in. (Solved)

Didn’t find any “General” forum thread, so will just post it here.

Since Friday the forum has been very slow and often times out in a Gateway timeout error.
This only happens if you are logged in, if you don’t logg in the forum is very fast…

Is it a problem with my “User” or is other users experiencing the same ?

Thanks for letting us know, I personally haven’t noticed it being slower or had any gateway timeouts. Let us check to see if there have been any other reported issues. In the meantime, have you tried clearing your browser cache or logging in from incognito mode to see if that fixes the issue?

Clear’d catch and also tested 2 other browsers, same thing, as soon as i login it gets terribly slow,
located in Scandinavia if that is of importance…

I do sometimes get a email saying my user is blocked for some reason, but i always “unblock” it, don’t know why that happens… the only suspicious thing i do is having more than one nvidia dev thread / page open in my browser at the same time. :)

I just looked at your account, I’m not seeing any flagged content or issues with the system blocking you. I am not hearing of anyone else having this issue. Having more than one thread should not have any impact.

It might be possible that your ISP is throttling traffic out of your area.

Please keep us posted.


I also see many problems since friday (I’m also in Europe but I would rather suspect this to be account-related).
In my case, I’m no longer able to log in with my usual account (@Honey_Patouceul). I used to log in with the link to old credentials system, but this link has disappeared since friday.

I have expected this to improve, but after 3 days I’m sorry I haven’t been able to refrain from trying to create this second account for getting contact again. Doing this it seemed to me there are changes in the whole developer / devtalk account system.

@ThomasK feel free to contact me for further details. Of course, use this account as I’m currently unable to read any PM sent to my usual account as I’m unable to log in.


Thanks for reaching out. We are investigating this issue. Please stay tuned for updates.


I too was getting timeouts in wv.

Just FYI, I have noticed more timeouts (USA), but have not had other issues. Mostly hitting a refresh of the timed out page gets the job done (though terribly slow). On the other hand, I suspect if a login prompt times out, then the cookies needed never get sent and so login wouldn’t work.

Thanks @Linuxdev. If anyone else is having issues, please share your issues here.


Hi Tom,
have checked my line and i have full fiber speed, also tested against other US based sites, no problems at all, and the strange thing is that also is very fast, until i log in ;)

As mentioned by others, it started about Friday evening…

It a lot slower than usual all the time, and often times out with 504 Gateway Timeout Error…

Seems fixed now, at least for me. I have been able to log in again, and it is not slow.
Thanks @Tom.

Yup, same here, fast as a Xavier ;)

Hi everyone,

Glad it is working now. We restarted the community service late last night. That must have done the trick.

Have a great day,