Forums colors Can we get back to the old one?

Is there something wrong with my setup or is the forum colors changed? If this is the new color theme, let me just say that I do not like it at all. Very difficult to read.
Is it possible to get back to the previous one? Do we have any control?

I think this is going to be the only “choice”… but it’s kinda nice if you ask me. Lot easier on the eye :).

Second this. I like the old way too

I already sent emails about this. I can’t read it at all.

Not to mention that the highlights around a lot of the buttons are obviously rendered for the old colours… isn’t there a ‘graphics’ way of dealing with such things properly? ;)

this change was planned quite some time ago, and they just got around to implementing it today. As a matter of fact it was discussed in the this section.

I’ve already asked for it to be disabled for the CUDA forums. CUDA developer forums are not the same as gamer forums, do not have the same audience, and people will prefer entirely different things for aesthetic reasons (e.g., readability above all else).

I understand where you are coming from. As a matter of fact I think the forums need to be split apart to avoid confusion. You are here for work and the others for play, so I understand your stance. I was just letting yall know they planned to do this long ago and even discussed it openly in the forums. It just looks like the mods for this area, or lack thereof cause this confusion by not informing yall or even asking your opinions.


My eyes! The goggles - they do nothing!

We need some Greasemonkey script to fix this - swapping out the stylesheet or whatever it takes.

It would help if somebody asked my opinion ahead of time. I don’t have time to keep a close eye on other forums; I have other things I need to be doing instead. Forum moderating isn’t my primary job (or my secondary, or my tertiary, or even my quaternary one). I also assume that there’s very little user overlap between these forums and the rest of the forums, so they should be treated differently.

This seems like a pretty major management fail… some random guy, who isn’t even nVidia staff, has administrator rights on their own forums? And globally changed the configuration of the forums seemingly without proper consent (or whoever gave it, clearly didn’t think the process through - or consult anyone else regarding any of the other forums hosted here).

nVidia’s own forums are in many cases the only point of contact for non-registered developers, for CUDA/OpenCL/DirectCompute/OpenGL/DirectX related discussion…

Hopefully most people are lax enough to realise it’s a free service you guys are providing and they shouldn’t expect anything… I’m sure there are a lot of people who think it’s their right to this service for supporting your hardware though - and are potentially taking this out of proportion - in a bad way. :\

It’s kinda funny how something so simple and ultimately unimportant can cause so much fuss :)

most people i know prefer the black theme and were equally as unimpressed as you guys where when the white one became the only option.

If the sheer lack of readability is not sufficient argument to drop this color scheme, the complete lack of coordination with other page elements should be. Many of the pictures, and text boxes and other things are clearly not designed to go with the dark colors. The text box I am typing in right now looks garishly out of place in light gray with all the black. Arguing about a consistent dark theme would be one thing, but this is a 75% executed color scheme change, which is even worse.

I’m ready to learn Greasemonkey if this doesn’t get fixed in a few days. :)

I was informed of the skin change and wanted to see, I do like it a little , but a little too much green, I mean we are NVIDIA fanboys but I think that its a little over the top, maybe just bit, I do like the darkness though Myself, but if you ask me there was nothing that needed to be changed with the SliZone skin or the white one and the ability to choose between the two…

I hit reply and was immediately fragged in the face with a flash grenade, a white reply box with a dark theme? wow!

It does seem that the layout is all butched up as well, in construction we call that scabbing it together and it always looks like crap, the best thing to do is do it right to begin with, create what you want from scratch not from scraps… measure twice cut once, lol , I feel this should have been the case with the new organization and layout, something that is expected from a corporation at a professional level with customers like NVIDIA !

Totally agree.

I believe the forums need to be split as well, in fact some of us already came from that as when there was the SliZone, a gamers paradise as far as forums go, but now are totally dissolved in this “melting pot” of a forum where professionals and gamers are just stuffed together and there’s no real sense of placement for either.

The fact is that these forums are not really that big of a deal for most people, You have your regulars and the ten thousand other visitors a day that really don’t care that much if the forums are blinding white or fanboy green and black, its obvious there are two different classes here on these forums, that are on the same field but playing totally different games, developers and gamers! Whoever is in charge of the Website and customer relations at NVIDIA needs to pull their head out of Their ___ and realize this and understand how big a part of the online forum community they serve, and They need to accommodate each group in a separate house so to speak, They had this opportunity when NVIDIA forums and SliZone co-existed I feel. Instead of eliminating SliZone , perhaps it should have just gotten a new name like NVIDIA enthusiast zone or some gibberish and shifted the gaming community to that while retaining the original NVIDIA forums for developers and professionals. It could have been the best of both worlds, with a focused approach to the customer base.

Come on NVIDIA just give us back SliZone already, its what your customers want!

Heyyy, is it okay now? It seems okay on my home computer at least. Might be false hope, though…

edit: yes, it’s fixed, we live in the best of all possible worlds

Here it is back to the unreadable color scheme again…seems the cheering was too early :|

There is a skin selector control at the bottom left of every screen on the board. If you select the master skin, everything goes back to normal.

Great that worked, tnx!

Uhm sry but where is this button? Cant find it omg! :)

Edit: Ah ok… You have to log in first to get this dropbox. ^^