Forward Compatibility runtime error after installing CUDA 11.0

After installing 11.0.167 (according to nvcc -v, but the version.txt says 11.0.182), I’m getting a runtime error in a CUDA program:
cuda error = 0804 “forward compatibility was attempted on non supported HW”

This is a centos 7 system with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super.

I have multiple versions of CUDA installed, and am now getting this error when building with CUDA 10.2

What is the version of driver that you’re using on the CentOS 7 system? To use CUDA 11.0, you should use the bundled R450 driver. CUDA forward compatibility (that is, the ability to run new CUDA applications on older drivers) is currently only supported on datacenter (Tesla) GPUs.

The R450 driver is backwards compatible, so it supports CUDA 10.2 or older CUDA versions.

I did the full yum install of the repo package, and it installed nvidia kernel driver version 450.36.06

I’m now getting the same runtime error when using the older versions of CUDA that I have installed (10.2, 10.1).


I have the same issue with Ubuntu 20.04 and a RTX 2080 Ti.
Driver: 450.36.06
CUDA: 11.0

I did a fresh install yesterday.
Any suggestions?


The recent update has solved the problem for me. Thank you.