Found some Bug about my AGV

1:Send the target to the car for a single time. After reaching the target, the navigation module will also send a small speed, resulting in drift. How to solve this problem
2:When encountering obstacles, the car will back up by default. How to solve this problem?,is unsafe if someone in the back side.
3:The car arrives at its destination (the program does not give the signal it has stop),and dont have the status feedback when it running.

-> 1 which version of the Isaac SDK are you using?

-> 2 - we provide examples. I would suggest to decide for your application if you want to add respective sensors and capabilities to detect if something is on the back side of the robot and ensure that the action to back up is executed safely. You will have to implement this portion yourself

-> 3 - not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. What example application are you using?