Four 2-CSI cameras with separate I2C


Is it possible to map I2C[1…4] to four separate raspberry pi style cameras for simultaneous usage?
I mean I2C handles CAM on CSI0 cam, I2C0 for CSI2 cam, I2C1 for CSI-3 cam, I2C2 for CSI-4 cam.
The point is to be able to get direct contact to cameras with same I2C address without multiplexing latency.
I believe DTS needs to be configured before kernel compilation. Has anyone attempted something like that before and has a good example or even better some step by step?

Can’t do that for devkit but can do it fo customized carrier board without problem.
Nano devkit only designed to support 2 cameras.

Yes, I mean of course custom CB designed for that. I was just curious if its gonna work as intended.
How about the DTS part?

You just need to change the i2c bus address address in the dts.