Fpga connected to TX2 Jetpack 4.2


we have FPGA connected to CSI-C of the TX2 and we are using RGB888,

now we connected new FPGA to CSI-A.

we changed the DT file to get only the FPGA that connected to port CSI A.

we changed the “port-index” to 0 and we changed to “serial_a” in the DT file.

but we still getting the FPGA that connected to CSI-C when we open cheese web cam.

we did convert of the DTB to dts to check if the compile of the dtb is ok. and its look good.

what can be the problem that the tx2 dosnt wont to work with CSI-A? (its not working with all the CSI port, the TX2 force CSI-C all the time)

thank you


Have a confirm with the /proc/device-tree to check the context.
You can dump it by below command and confirm the dts.

sudo dtc -I fs -O dts -o extracted_proc.dts /proc/device-tree

its look like its stay on “port-index” 2 and “serial_c” why is that?

and how i can make it works?

i think i fixed the problem.

did mistake when re-upload kernel.

thank you.