FPGA output two video stream by MIPI 2 lanes to Orin NX 16GB

We plan to design FPGA output two video stream by MIPI 2 lanes to Orin NX on 16GB carrier board.
FPGA Video 1 to Orin NX CSI1 ports
FPGA Video 2 to Orin NX CSI3 ports
How do I write the relevant driver and device-tree code on jetpack5.1?

Please check the sensor programing guide and reference to imx219 and imx477 for the device tree and driver implementation.


I see the imx219 driver and devicetree, I do not know how to write the pipeline on orin nx ,can you give me some examples?
thank you

can you give me some documents about the Scheme of FPGA TO ORIN NX with sensor?I’m not familiar with Nvidia’s structure,thank you。

Implement a sensor driver is must needed for Orin receive data from MIPI bus.


i know i can wite a sensor driver similiar to imx477, to get stream for v4l2, but i dont konw how to write the device-tree.
I have done this before in Rockship rv1126. I know I should add an I2C device for the sensor in the device tree, but I don’t know how to write the I/O node of MIPI data. Can you give me a sample device tree? Thank you

You can just copy the device tree of imx477 for the FPGA. If there’s no need any i2c communicated with FPGA then you can just remove all of i2c REG access code in the imx477 kernel driver to avoid probe failed.


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