Fpga output yuv422 8bit mipi data to nx orin 16GB on jP5.1.2

hello, we use fpga devs output yuv422 8bit data by mipi interface, how i should do? Which sensor driver should I refer to ? and the devicetree

我认为我需要一个摄像头模组的驱动 , 因为它不需要控制i2c,它能直接出数据,
但是需要一个驱动去关联v4l2 框架,从而获取数据。 能给出这样一个示例吗?谢谢

hello 741024073,

please see-also reference camera driver to setup Sensor/CSI/VI port bindings.
for instance,

thanks , but i ONLY need to modify imx219.c ? to delete the i2c mode? but i see imx219 is rgb mode not yuv . can you tell me how to modify the imx219.c?

you may see-also developer guide for sensor driver development. Sensor Software Driver Programming.

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