I want to transfer image streaam from fpga to tx2 csi,could u give some tips on linux csi driver

Check the sensor programing guide in the l4t-document and HW design guide from download center.

@ShaneCCC wo had a similar driver in kernel 2.6,it is easy to create a video device,but in kernel 4.4,how to create a dummy video device?
need i put a dummy i2c device on i2c bus.

You have to add it to the device tree.

You probably want:

From include/linux/i2c.h

extern struct i2c_client *
i2c_new_dummy(struct i2c_adapter *adap, u16 address);

I’ve done something similar. We used an FPGA to bring in a CSI signal. Nvidia’s framework for camera devices is oriented around i2c devices so the easiest way to deal with that is to create a dummy i2c client in your fpga driver.

@D3_growe Thanks for reply! Now i want do as you say. thanks