FPGA with Jetson Tx2 connection issues

Hi Experts,

I am using FPGA(kc705) as the Input source (SDI/HDMI IP-core) for Jetson Tx2 board.
and My camera is connected to FPGA board and output of FPGA is connected to CSI port of Jetson Tx2 Board using some costume connector.

In FPGA a soft processor called microBlaze which controls the IP-Core (SDI/HDMI).


  1. How to control the IP-Core of FPGA through Jetson Tx2 Board?
    ex: UART, I2C or PCIE?

  2. Is their any similar soft processor in Tx2 board like microBlaze?


(1). You could use UART, I2C or PCIE between TX2 and FPGA, but you need to implement PCIe code on FPGA and driver on TX2. UART is straightforward for both FPGA and TX2. There are open source I2C cores fro FPGA, there are plenty of TX1 I2C examples. SPI buses of TX2 provide higher throughput (e.g., 20Mbps) and have been successfully used between TX2s and FPGAs.
(2). Why do you need software processor while TX2 has powerful multi core processors?

Hi meRaza,
How was the your situation, I am very excited about using FPGA to get HDMI/SDI signal to Jetson TX2?
Best regards.