FPS issue with test5 app

Hi, i followed the method for image saving as mentioned in https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1063771/deepstream-sdk/uridecodebin-with-filesink/post/5408838/#5408838 issue. But the FPS drops significantly - at least by 10. How can I improve the performance?

Hi saurabh.sadhwani,

May I know whats the platform you’re using? Jetson or ?
If you’re using Jetson platform, you can maximize the device clocks first:

sudo jetson_clocks

I am using Jetson Xavier. I maximized the clocks but I don’t see much improvement (15.03->15.33 FPS). What could be wrong? Is there any other way in which I can save the frames? Probably by using some kind of Gstreamer sink?

We would suggest you use h264/h265 encoder for continuous encoding. In saving to JPEGs, it does format conversion in CPU:

cv::cvtColor (in_mat, bgr_frame, CV_RGBA2BGR);

This step can be performance bottleneck if you perform it every frame.