FPS of simple image processin task - Newbie question

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie, please bear with me :). I have a Quadro 600 card.

I compiled a couple of simple image processing samples from SDK4.0, such as SobelFilter, imageDenoising and bilateral filter. They all have one common function computerFPS() in the display callback which returns the value of: 1.f / (cutGetAverageTimerValue(timer) / 1000.f), which is simply how many executions of the filtering can be performed in one second. It turns out that this can only achieve around 60fps on my machine. Is it little too low?

Also, I noticed that in imageDenoising sample, there is a separate code snippet which allows you to “print frame rate”, and the FPS is calculated according to: frameN / (cutGetTimerValue(hTimer) /1000.f), where frameN is 24. It turns out that it can achieve 20000FPS according to this computation.

Which is the right FPS?


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 60 FPS sounds a bit more accurate than 20,000. Kidding aside, the equation for FPS boils down to: (# frames processed)/(the time taken in seconds) (As an aside, the “/1000.f” is to convert from ms to seconds).

IIRC, I got around 60 FPS for the SobelFilter SDK sample also. I’d advise double checking your use of the “print frame rate” code snippet and make sure you’re using it properly…