Frame debugger will launch the app only with driver instrumentation Off

Using 536.99 with Nsight graphics 2023.3.2, I can’t launch Frame Debugger. In task manager I can see the app showing up for 1 or 2sec and disappear. Only way is to disable driver instrumentation but in that case I get errors.

What should I try?

GPU: 3080ti laptop
OS: windows 11


Could you please try to launch the Nsight Graphics’s bundled samples (for example, Help → Samples → vk_order_independent_transparency), that will help us identify whether the issue is coming from the app itself or other environmental factors.


vk_order_independent_transparency is working.
Our application officialy support drivers 517.40 so I’ve been trying multiple combination of nsight + drivers version with no success. Usually I’m looking at the nsight docs to find the corresponding driver version but I can’t find the nsight version that would fit the 517.40

That said, I’m not sure if the issue is coming from driver version, our app is instrumented for nsight.

Thanks for your help.

Hi frederic.pageau,

From Nsight Graphics 2022.3, it should fits 517.40. But I have to say, it’s better to use the latest driver and latest Nsight Graphics for the debugging work.