Frame Debugging fails. Reason CreateDeviceContext.

I’m unable to launch frame debugging. Every time I get error message “Cannot enter frame debugging. Nsight only supports frame debugging for D3D9, D3D11 and OpenGL 4.2. Reason: CreateDeviceContext. To find all incompatibilities run \Monitor\Common\nvda.launcher.exe …”.
I’m using D3d11. I also tried to check incompatibilities but I get onlu 2 lines in log and it says nothing.
Should I create some special device like it was in perfHUD in DX9? I haven’t found anything about that in documentation. Thanks in advance for any help.


Is there any way that the context is a D3D10? What are the other 2 lines in the log that you mentioned?

Which version of Nsight are you currently using, driver and GPU?


Hi. There is no way that the context is D3D10. For sure it’s D3D11.
The whole file generated with -compatlog option has only these two lines:
CreateDevice: 0x00000001
CreateDeviceContext: 0x00000001
I’m using NSight 3.1 (Build, driver 327.23, GPU: 480 GTX.

thanks for any help

Hi Zachar,

Could you try Nsight 3.2 (recently posted) and see if that helps, as there were a number of bug fixes that went in that release?

If that still reproduces, is there a way to get a hold of your application? if only binaries, that’s fine. Just need to be able to reproduce to see what’s happening…

Thank you

Unfortunately there is no change with NSight 3.2. It still does not allow frame debugging and also -compatlog has only these two lines mentioned earlier. It will be also quite difficult to give you our application so if there is any other way I would appreciate it. If not I would need to prepare it because
today there is no way to launch it without resources which I just can’t give outside company :/
If you have any other option which would be less problematic for me it would be great.
Can using deferred contexts have something with it? We use them quite intensive.

I missed the fact that CreateDeviceContext is Direct2D and it is not supported by Nsight.

We used ID3D11Device::CreateDeferredContex so it is definitely Direct3D. Do you have any other idea which could help to find where the problem lies?

You were right. We are using library which creates Direct2D device. I disabled it and now frame debugging starts but then it crashes. I will do more tests to give more information.