Frame interpolation example using optical flow SDK

Hi. I am a student. And I try to make some program for video processing.

My main goal is frame interpolation(25fps → 50fps) in c++ visual studio environment.

And I search this SDK document.

First of all, I try to move pixel using Farneback optical flow, But PSNR of interframe is pretty low…

So, I want to try the SDK example. but I can’t find any code converting 25fps mp4 → 50fps mp4…

Can i get some source or advice about frame interpolation using optical flow SDK?

Thanks for reading my topic.

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I implemented motion compensation, using NVOF in VapourSynth plugin. I might add interframe interpolation later. But not before NVIDIA makes NVOF actually usable for that. The problem right now is that without a confidence field - we cannot discern good vectors from bad.