Framebuffer rotation

Using standard Linux console without X11, it is usually possible to rotate the framebuffer on other devices using the following command:

echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate

Unfortunately, executing this on my Jetson Nano 4GB results in no change and the value in that virtual file remains 0. My Jetpack version is 4.2, and I am connected to my screen using the HDMI port.

Is this a known bug with a workaround?

Do you need to display in portrait mode? The default release is tested/verified in landscape mode, and we would suggest use landscape mode.

Yes, I was hoping to use the display in portrait mode. This is generally a simple operation - is this not supported by Jetson Nano? Or is this bug fixed in a particular driver/JetPack version?

Landscape mode is well verified so we would suggest use this mode. Portrait mode may not be as stable as landscape mode.

While I appreciate the suggestion, my inquiry is targeted towards the portrait mode from the technical perspective. Is this feature explicitly not supported? Is there a missing piece of code someplace that I can experiment with? Is this issue present in other boards from the Jetson range?