Frames displayed in slowmotion when using opencv on tx2

I am trying to impose webcam feed onto an mp4 video. audio is being played on a new thread. There are no issues when i run it on the laptop but on the tx2 device, the background mp4 video is being played in slowmotion.

i have created a while loop that takes frames one at a time, and then imposes the camera frame as a small window onto the mp4 video frame and then displays it.

( while debugging i found out that when i play the mp4 video it displays it properly but the moment i read a camera frame in the while loop, even if im not displaying or imposing the camera frame, only reading it… it starts lagging. )

Please try the python sample and see if you still observe slow motion. It is a simple code for video-only playback. Please give it a try.

And you can execute sudo jetson_clocks to run CPU cores at maximum clock. There is a buffer copy from NVMM buffer to CPU buffer. Running CPU cores at maximum clock should bring performance enhancement.

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