Framos IMX335 questions

I am having a few issues and questions about the Framos IMX335 sensor. I tried asking Framos but they want me to pay $10,000 for 10 hours of support. In my opinion the questions I am asking are pretty basic and should be part of the documentation + datasheet.

  1. What are the black levels of the sensor? They do not appear in the documentation

  2. How can one use the camera binning mode for low light?

  3. Is the RAW data linear or do we need to convert it?

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Hi, you should contact Framos directly. NVIDIA and FRAMOS Partnership | FRAMOS

Hi @zoharj ,

Thank you for your message. We take customer satisfaction seriously and are glad to hear from you.

First, we would like to apologize for the frustration you’ve experienced and I want you to know that we appreciate your feedback and are here to help clarify this misunderstanding. We have reached out to you directly by email and are happy to continue the conversation. Please either reply to our direct email message or contact us at where we will assign a specialist to your project.

The FRAMOS Sensor Modules (like the FSM-IMX335 you are referring to) and the Ecosystem around it are reference implementations of the respective Sony image sensor. As we describe in our datasheets, the operation and integration of specific sensor features fall within the sensor documentation. Once we have a better understanding of your project goals, we can recommend the best path forward. We look forward to hearing from you.