FRC Quarantine Bot

I’m a FIRST Robotics Competition mentor. Our season was cut short and I miss working with my students very much. Because most of our robots are 150 pounds and much too large to work in a house. So I designed a full FRC robot that can be used in a house without damaging the walls.

Apart from the standard RoboRio, I’ve added a Jetson Nano to it for off main board image processing. Right now it’s running a Lidar but I’m hoping to get both Object Detection and SLAM working on it.

More pictures can be found here:
Tornado Platypus Pictures

The CAD model and a short build instruction page:
Tornado Platypus Build

Code is here:
Robot Code

Run around video:
Tornado Platypus Running About

I plan on having it run a SLAM algorithm by following a wall, here is the first test of following a wall:
Tornado Platypus Following A Wall

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