FRC Related TX1 Vision Tracking

Hello forum! My name is Cody, from 6322 Armory. We have a Jetson TX1 and I would like to figure out how to program an autonomous mode for our robot and have the TX1 send feedback to the driver station about various game elements during Tele-Op. I just spent most of my day today getting the board flashed, which after a few tries was successful. Im at the point where the TX1 loads into Linux and has all of the different examples of software that I can load. I need to figure out how to-

  1. Open whatever program would be the most effective and somewhat user friendly to program some various field elements we want to track.
  2. Figure out how to wire the TX1 up to our robot controller (NI RoboRio)
  3. Have the RoboRio see the information the vision tracking from the TX1 would provide (such as object distance, color, etc)
  4. Be able to go into Eclipse (our programming environment that uses java with the WPI library) and use said information from the TX1 to have various events triggered. (Ex. the TX1 sees that we are too close/far to an object and be able to hit a button on the driver station and make it move the robot automatically and correct) Or, just be able to have a smart autonomous period that tracks parts of the field to help us navigate. Preferably both.
  5. Any other parts of this process that I am missing. I know im very new at the vision tracking scene, but better to start sooner than later. Any input is appreciated.

Welcome Cody! Here are some resources that you may find relevant -

Hope that helps you get started!