Free PGI for faculty/students

I hope this is the right location to ask this question. I am currently teaching a course in basic scientific computing in F90. We are currently using gfortran on the campus network, but I would like the students to gain experience in using a commercial compiler. Here are my questions:

  1. If I am reading this offer correctly, the students are eligible for a copy to install on their own home computers. Is this correct?
  2. We have international students in the class, but they currently reside in the U.S. Would these students still be eligible?
  3. I have a PGI cluster license. Would I still be eligible for the free version for my own machine?



Sorry about the delay in response.

  1. PVF is free for anyone with a US *.edu email address, or a German
    education email address. You create an account which allows you to
    produce keys good until the end of the school year. You must re-apply
    every year.

  2. OS X Fortran has a ‘Free PGI’ version that anyone can download and
    install. It is not the normal OS X product, is fortran only, one produces
    code that will work on the platform you installed on. It does not require a
    license to work.


The Free PVF program has been discontinued, and is no longer available.
It ended in 2015.

If your students can use Linux or OS X, go to
for access to full featured 16.10 releases. The Community Edition
comes with an embedded license, and has all the features
PGI offers.


I did not answer everything. The OS X community edition is full featured-
it will support Fortran, C, and C++, like the Linux version. OpenACC is
also available, though OS X systems are not supported for Nvidia GPUs
(OpenACC can run ‘multicore’ on the OS X platform).