Free software question

Hello I am trying to perform a segmentation of inflammatory mass related to the infection of vascular graft infections on PET/CT images . I try to use slicer Nvidia AIAA but I have some problems

  1. I see that I need to use some concrete model like spleen… , but notnik fits my use case - I would just like it to find the structure based on the changes of density and multiple boundary points that I am supplying

Is there any other available software with nvidia clara annotation implemented, or alternatively can it be freely used with xeleris or syngovia (those I use as a physycian in work, I wanted to use slicer to be able to work also in home on it, I am also a programmer so I am not afraid of text interfaces if needed)

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for your interest in AIAA.

You are correct that the reference AIAA segmentation models provided with Clara Train are pretrained for specific organs and modalities. For other workflows, such as segmentation of vascular graft infections on PET/CT, you would need to build a custom model with transforms and an inference procedure for your workflow. You can find more on that here:

For integration with other clients, we provide a reference implementation on github:


Thank You