Free version of Microsoft Visual Studio?

I am wanting to get the Nvidia OpenCL SDK installed and working on a Windows 7-64 system. The Nvidia docs say that it requires Microsoft Visual Studio to work. Is there a free version of this available on the web (for 64-bit operation)? I have not used Microsoft Visual C/C++ in over a decade and don’t have plans to buy it just to be able to use the OpenCL SDK. Has anyone done this?

You can dowload the “Visual studio express” edition for free from

This edition only includes a 32bit compiler, and is therefore unable to build 64bit applications.

Information and a script for VC++ Express and 64-Bit support can be found here.…08-express.aspx

This worked for me on Windows 7 64-Bit.

The VS2010 has moved to RC1. and includes professional, ultimate etc.

Don’t know about any limitations on use, but have been using beta2 for some time now.