FreeBSD feature deprecation schedule

  • Support for 32-bit x86 kernels The FreeBSD-x86 release packages are no longer provided starting with release 396.
    Support for 32-bit applications running on x86_64 kernels will continue.
    See for more details.</li>
  • Support for Fermi-based GPUs Fermi-based GPUs are no longer be supported starting with release 396. These GPUs will continue to be supported through the release 390 legacy branch, which will receive critical bug fixes and updates for compatibility with new Linux kernels and X server versions through the end of 2022.
    See for a list of Fermi-based GPUs.</li>
  • Support for FreeBSD versions older than 10.4 The release 396 series will be the last to support FreeBSD 10.3 or older.