Freespace Perception finds out-of-bounds coords

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX
Software Version: OS10

We’ve looked at the example files for FreeSpacePerception, and Incorporated it into our own framework. However, when we layer the freespacePerception over the camera imaging, it finds coordinates that are very far out of bounds.

An image has been attatched to show what we see

We’d like to know what the issue is that can cause this.

The issue is, as far as we can see, that the freeSpacePerception sometimes has worldpoints of ranging between several quadrillion to octillion. This causes the x point of the image to be 0. A screenshot of the values of worldpoints and imagepoints (x-axis) is attached as well.

Hi @Rschiltkamp,
Are you able to share your code and an input image/video, so we can reproduce the issue on our side?

We just found the issue: Our framework was somehow requesting data that was no longer in memory, meaning this was an issue entirely on our side. Its solved by now!