Freeze after login screen in Ubuntu 18.04 with 1050TI mobile

After the login screen, the UI freezes on a black screen. I reproed this today with the 418 drivers, but I first encountered this in June 2018, after an update for the initramfs-tools package.

At the time I downgraded the package, marked it for hold, and logged a bug with initramfs-tools here:

This week I attempted to tackle this again, and try to figure out more about the issue.

My setup is a Dell XPS 7000 series gaming laptop from late 2017, I run it using ubuntu and gdm3 with wayland turned off, prime-select set as nvidia, and an external monitor running through the hdmi port.

I am not using nvidia-drm modeset=1 in my boot params, though that does solve this issue, it introduced other issues with my external monitor setup.

I am using a m.2 nvmessd, and encrypted home folder, and encrypted swap. That last part is related to the workaround for the issue.

For a workaround today, so I could use the updated initramfs-tools, I manually set a resume device, in order to cause initramfs to mimic the old behaviour. Basically initramfs had changed to skip the encrypted swap in its autodetection, as it couldn’t resume from it anyways: to fix:

So I went and set the following to get my setup to work:


RESUME=UUID=$(blkid -s UUID -o value "/dev/mapper/cryptswap1")

If I set Resume to None, I basically always encounter this login error. If I prime-select intel, I can login. If I boot with nvidia-drm modeset=1, I can login. If I set the resume to my encrypted swap, I can login. But with the default settings, no luck.

Seems kinda bizarre to me.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.15 MB)

Please try removing

quiet splash

from kernel command line to circumvent a current bug with plymouth.

Thanks @generix, that works

Do you happen to have a link to the bug so I can follow it’s resolution progress?

Unfortunately not, at least I couldn’t find one. I’m always telling people to reports bugs with their distro but rarely anyone ever does. Original thread:

Thanks @generix

I’ve updated my original bug report to include plymouth as a related package: